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Pac-Man oven mitt channels inner child

Pac Man Oven Mitt by Boing Boing Gadgets invokes nostalgia every time you bake

BoingBoing Gadgets
When I was a child, I loved playing video games. Before my parents invested in a gaming system, I would go to great lengths to secure a spot on my friends' couches, playing Nintendo classics for hours on end. I never went to arcades, so I got all of my gaming in at home.

In high school and college, I finally discovered the arcade classics, and my all-time favorite was Pac-Man. It was easy enough for me to master, and just complicated enough to be challenging and interesting. I'd visit arcades with friends and plunk quarter after quarter into the machine, just to get the chance to guide my favorite yellow big-mouthed friend toward the glowing dots and frightened ghosts.

Now, with college behind me, the obligations of work and home keep me from spending too much time playing video games, but some manufacturers have found a way for me to continue appreciating them while I'm taking care of more pressing activities.

Case in point: this Pac-Man oven mitt. It's a simple design that lets you channel your inner child while baking cookies or roasting poultry. And from Pac-Man's perspective, what he's aiming for is an improvement: I can't imagine that those white dots taste as good as homemade chocolate chip cookies!

The Pac-Man oven mitt was created by Fred. It's silicone, so it can withstand temperatures of up to 450 Fahrenheit and is dishwasher safe. It's available for about $15.