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Organize kitchen utensils with customizable drawer trays

With Expandable Drawer Organizer Trays you can create customizable drawer space for every last utensil.

Customizable drawer space for every last utensil.
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I am jealous of people who have a kitchen space where every last thing is organized. It's not as easy to accomplish as it seems. I'm not talking about the obvious things, like where to store the food processor when not using it. Rather, I am thinking of a small, seemingly minor thing that can lead to clean, efficient kitchens: the flatware drawer.

My flatware drawer houses my forks, knives and spoons, but in a haphazard manner. Yes, I have a utensil separator, but really it's more bother than it is worth. Besides the fact that it is mesh and fork tines continually get stuck in the grating, the organizer is prefabricated and not open to customization. My trusty wooden spoon has no chance of fitting in with the rest of the commonly used items.

These Expandable Drawer Organizer Trays are a customizable solution for unorganized drawers. Made from natural rubberwood with a clear lacquer finish, they are easy to install and will work with most any drawer. Using the patented Loc-A-Ball system, the trays stay in place and each set of five can create space for longer utensils (like trusty wooden spoons), while keeping room for the smaller items such as measuring spoons.

New Year's Day may be right around the corner, and with it all those resolutions. An annual favorite of mine happens to be the ever-popular, get more organized. Of course, with a home kitchen streamlined for efficiency the other popular resolution might be in danger. But don't worry, you can always go back to the diet in time for summer.