Oregon Scientific's thrill-seeking camcorder

Action lovers need not worry about capturing their high jinx anymore with the ATC3K.

Lexy Savvides Principal Video Producer
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Lexy Savvides

Ever fancied strapping your precious video camera to your back as you hurtle down a mountain at high speed?

Not your average stack hat...(Credit: Oregon Scientific)

Oregon Scientific didn't think so, and has unveiled its latest affordable video camera specifically designed for adrenalin lovers. The ATC3K Waterproof Action Cam is a compact video camera that takes VGA footage (640x480) at 30 frames per second and is waterproof to three metres, without the need for an external casing.

With a 48-degree field of view and equipped with multiple mounting options, the ATC3K can be attached to a helmet, bike, or pretty much any sporting equipment you can think of, greyhounds excluded. It runs on standard AA batteries and is compatible with SD cards up to 4GB.

While it may not be suitable for recreating The Little Mermaid, it seems ideal for capturing moments of seaside summer fun. If you're a little more timid in the action seeking department, the ATC3K also doubles as a webcam.

For thrill seekers looking for a cheaper alternative to capture their latest adventure without worrying about expensive gear, the ATC3K could be an interesting stocking stuffer.

The ATC3K retails for AU$249.95 at stockists listed on Oregon Scientific's website.