One-button laundry

A one-button washing machine that's so simple anyone can use it.

Abbi Perets
Abbi Perets has been writing about technology and family and consumer issues for over ten years. Her work has been featured in print and on the Web, and she has taught courses on consumer and business electronics for HP, Sony, AOL, and other companies. Abbi has also written extensively about business technology for Tech Republic, Gantthead, and other tech sites. Abbi's passion for home appliances stems from the kitchen remodel she managed in her new home in Houston, TX where she lives with her husband and four children.
Abbi Perets

The people in this house seem to wear clothes every single day. Some of them even change their clothes multiple times a day, and my children believe that if you have worn an outfit for even one minute, it is laundry.

Say what you will about my parenting, but there is a lot of laundry to be done in this house. And my husband, who is a software developer and who can hook up complex home theater systems in nanoseconds, professes that the washing machine is "too hard" for him to master.

The Reason washing machine eliminates this excuse. Touted as "the best washing machine ever made," the Reason distills laundry to its simplest form. Pull out the drum, drop in the laundry, push one button, and walk away.

According to the company, the Reason weighs your laundry and doses exactly the right amount of detergent, softener, and water, meaning nothing is wasted. You don't have to choose a cycle or set a temperature or fool around with any of the other buttons that seem to confuse my poor husband.

Of course, if you want to select a cycle, you can manually turn the button to choose one of 20 wash programs, alter the spin speed, and so on. Just don't tell your husband. Or mine.