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Nokia Luna Bluetooth headset has NFC, tap to pair

The Nokia Luna isn't just colourful, it also packs NFC tech that enables you to pair it to your phone just by tapping it.

No, this isn't a docking spacecraft, it's actually a Bluetooth headset. And while we don't usually get too excited about headsets, this one has a name, and some tech inside, that's pretty out of this world.

The Nokia Luna comes in five colours and is smarter than your average handsfree kit, reports Nokia Conversations. It packs NFC (Near Field Communications) technology that means to pair it, all you have to do is tap it on your phone. Now that's clever.

If you're still staring at it, thinking 'eh?' (don't worry, we had to watch this video to work it out), the bottom of the top part is the ear bud, with the triangle holding the electronics. Popping it out of the base activates the Bluetooth connection to your phone and answers any incoming calls. Click it back in to hang up and power down the Bluetooth.

If your phone has NFC, just tap the headset on it to pair for the first time, which is about as simple as technology gets. You can pair two handsets, thanks to Handset profile 1.1 advanced multipoint -- pretty smart, we think you'll agree.

It's highly portable too. The earpiece weighs just 5g, and the holder 18.3g. Battery is no slouch either, with eight hours of talk time, and no fewer than 60 days of standby providing you use the base. It should last out even the most far-flung of business trips.

The Luna will be available before Christmas for around £60, and will come in five colours: black, white, fuchsia, green, yellow, and blue.

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