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Nikon offers free fix for D600's dust problem

The service advisory issued by Nikon will give owners of the D600 some peace of mind when it comes to the oft-reported dust issues.

Nikon has issued a service advisory for its D600 SLR. It was plagued by dust and oil spots, as reported by a range of users across the world.

The D600's shutter mechanism. (Credit: Nikon)

The D600 was released in 2012, kicking off a trend in the so-called "entry level" full-frame SLR space. While the camera met with mostly widespread acclaim from critics, many users reported dust and oil issues soon after taking delivery of the camera.

The debris appeared as small dots or marks over images, with initial tests suggesting that it was the shutter mechanism depositing the particles on the sensor.

Nikon released the successor to the D600, the D610, in late 2013, which addressed many of the issues users found with the first camera. However, for users that are still affected by the dust and oil issues from the original D600, Nikon has now issued a service advisory for several markets across the world, including Australia.

From the service advisory:

Some users have indicated the appearance of multiple granular dust spots in images captured with the Nikon D600 digital SLR camera. These granular dust spots are reflections of internal dust generated with camera operation, or external dust particles that have found their way into the camera, either, or both of which, have adhered to the camera's low-pass filter.

While the structure and concept of digital SLR cameras makes the complete elimination of these dust spots very difficult, it has come to our attention that, in some rare cases, they may be reflected noticeably in images. Therefore, Nikon is informing users of a service to reduce this issue.

Nikon will cover the cost of shipping to and from the service centre for any affected user, even if the camera is out of warranty. The cleaning service is free. You can see the full advisory on Nikon's website here.