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Nike FuelBand SE runs with iPhone but not Android

Nike is quick off the blocks with the new Nike FuelBand SE fitness bracelet, announced today.

Nike is quick off the blocks with the new Nike FuelBand SE fitness bracelet, which races alongside your iPhone -- but leaves Android phones stuck on the starting line.

The new FuelBand SE has Bluetooth 4.0 built-in, so syncs constantly with your iPhone. But for some unknown reason there's no Android app, so Android phone owners are stuck with taking the bracelet off, plugging it into a computer and manually syncing to the website every time they want to update their fitness stats. 

Nike fired the starting pistol on the second generation of FuelBand activity tracker in New York today, where the company hammered home the message that "The more you move, the longer you live" -- even forcing the assembled tech hacks at the press conference to break the habit of a lifetime and knock out some jumping jacks. 

The FuelBand is a wrist-worn bracelet that monitors your exercise activity and records it to the online Nike+ service, a combination of exercise diary and social network. As well as recording the number of steps and amount of exercise you take, Nike aggregates your physical exertion into NikeFuel, a nebulous points system that lets you count all your movements even if you don't consider them exercise. 

NikeFuel has a social element, helping you to compete with -- or rather, inspire and encourage -- friends and family.

The exercise-recording gadget comes in a selection of new colours -- including red, pink and lime green -- and is calibrated to make it harder for you to cheat.  

Are you a fully-fuelled Nike FuelBand fan? How do you use gadgets to improve your fitness? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or take a hop, skip and a jump to our Facebook page.