New upright freezer offerings from Frigidaire

Looking to expand your freezer space? Frigidaire has a selection of frost-free uprights loaded with organizational extras.

Abbi Perets
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Abbi Perets
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Frequent readers of this blog will likely recall that I have four kids, which means a fair amount of cooking. And because I am a fan of doing as little work as possible, I like to double my recipes and freeze half. I also tend to stock up when groceries are on sale, particularly bags of frozen vegetables and other goodies that can be quickly added to a skillet or a saucepan to round out a meal. Which means I need a freezer that can keep up, and I'm betting that a lot of you do, too.

Looks good enough to eat! Frigidaire

Frigidaire has a new line of upright freezers that are heavy on the organizational features and easy on the eyes. A nice innovation is the pizza shelf that provides room for several boxed frozen pizzas, making the quick meals easy to store and access. In addition, snap-on adjustable bookend shelf organizers keep boxes of frozen foods upright and easy to reach.

Door bins can be repositioned quickly and easily according to your needs at any moment. And full-extension sliding baskets let you reach any item in your freezer quickly and easily.

The freezer's soft-freeze zone is a bin that's about nine degrees warmer than the rest of the freezer. In other words, your ice cream won't be full of ice crystals, and you won't bend your spoons when you try to scoop it out of the box.

Frigidaire offers several different models, and the Web site even has a handy reference page to show you how much food fits into the different sizes of freezers. The uprights retail from $399 to $799.