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New Samsung dryer does steam, too

The Samsung DV520 7.5-cubic-foot Electric Steam Dryer completes the home laundry experience--without making it seem like a chore.

The Samsung DV520 dryer shown with optional pedestal.

Doing the laundry doesn't have to be a chore. What once may have been put off until the lost possible moment can now be easily accomplished with a modern laundry pair. Washers seem to get all the glory (or at least the bulk of the attention), but the other part of the equation--the dryer--is often overlooked as an afterthought. However, it is the combination of the two that forms a complete solution to the daily need for clean clothes.

What is a washer without a dryer? Designed to pair with the Samsung WF520 5-cubic-foot VRT Plus PowerFoam Steam Washer, the Samsung DV520 7.5-cubic-foot Electric Steam Dryer creates a powerful complement, offering advanced features along with a large capacity. A large 3.6-inch LCD display guides users through a variety of preset drying cycles, and five different temperature settings from High to Extra Low. Handy steam features cuts down on time spent at the ironing board, offering a quick way to refresh clothes and remove wrinkles.

As with any chore, the freedom to detach oneself from the process only makes it easier. The dryer has the capability to sense the remaining moisture level of the load and automatically adjust time to compensate. With this "set it and forget it" type of feature, time and energy spent in the laundry room is reduced, making tackling the laundry a breeze from start to finish.