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New Nexus 7 touchscreen issues fixed with update

Google has rushed out a fix for the problems that were plaguing its snazzy new Nexus 7, just in time for its UK launch.

Phew! It was touch and go there for a minute. Google has rushed out a fix for the problems that were plaguing its snazzy new Nexus 7, just in time for its UK launch.

Many owners of the new model of the 7-inch Android slate reported experiencing phantom finger touches, where the tablet records a touch input that never happened. Users on this Google product forum complained that the ghostly taps only occured after installing the JSS15J software update.

"There's a new system update that's started rolling out for your Nexus 7s," writes Google community manager Paul Wilcox. "This update does address the touchscreen issues discussed in this thread. If you're one of the people experiencing touchscreen issues, please let us know how it's going after you've received and installed the update."

Interestingly, several commenters reported the problems worsened after using the tablet on carpet, hinting the problem may have been a build-up of static. It's possible Google tweaked something in the device's battery management to alleviate the problem, because most users who installed the new JSS15Q update report fewer screen shenanigans.

Having been available in the US for a few weeks, the new Nexus 7 is due out in the UK on 28 August. It's not even available for pre-order on Google's Play Store, so we'll be keeping a weather eye on the shop for when it goes live. Google famously had a terrible time meeting demand for its top-notch Nexus 4 phone late last year, so fingers crossed we don't see the same problems for its new tablet.

The new Nexus 7 impressed me muchly in the quick hands-on I had last week. It's incredibly thin, and ditches the old Nexus 7's rubbery back, making it feel super-sleek. The screen has had a major upgrade, to Full HD 1080p, and looks stunning. Another new addition, the 5-megapixel rear camera, wasn't so impressive, but it's hardly the most important feature in a tablet.

It'll be a little more expensive than the older Nexus, starting here in the UK at £199 rather than £159, but £239 for the 32GB model is still a cracking bargain. A 32GB iPad mini will set you back £349, by comparison.

If you're reading this from the US, has the update worked for you? Brits, are you psyched for the new Nexus 7? Leave a phantom comment below, or over on our touchy-feely Facebook page.