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New iPad unboxed in video

Still waiting for your new iPad to arrive? Watch one being unboxed in this video, so you know exactly what to expect when it does.

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Perhaps, unlike some of us, you did not queue up at midnight to nab yourself a new iPad, instead craftily pre-ordering online and waiting for it to be delivered to your front door.

But what's that? You're still waiting? That's painful. I bet it's killing you, isn't it? The knowledge that thousands of people around the world are pawing over Apple's latest must-have gadget right at this very moment must be downright torturous.

To help you stave off the boredom and frustration of having to wait any longer, here's a video from CNET Australia of the new iPad being removed from it's minimalist cardboard carton, so you'll know exactly what to expect when it does arrive.

Hit play on the video above and enjoy -- but try not to drool. It's unsightly.