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Netgear Wi-Fi Booster for Mobile spreads the Web around

If an outlying bedroom or an outside space isn't covered by your Wi-Fi, the Netgear Wi-Fi Booster for Mobile spreads the Web around.

Is there a Wi-Fi black hole in your home? Whether it's an outlying bedroom, an outside space or the entire East Wing that your Wi-Fi can't reach, the Netgear Wi-Fi Booster for Mobile can have you surfing and streaming on your phone or tablet even in the farthest reaches of your homestead.

The booster amplifies Wi-Fi coverage in your house by increasing the signal from your existing router. The idea is that you can use your phone or tablet to connect to the Web, check your email or use apps even in parts of the house, garden, flat or lean-to where your 3G signal is patchy.

It's always best to switch to Wi-Fi when you're at home, because it's speedier and cheaper. Wi-Fi has more scope to download files and Web pages or stream film and TV so it makes all Internet-related activities a lot faster. Using Wi-Fi also doesn't eat into your 3G allowance, and it's less likely to have a data limit so there's less chance of incurring excess charges if you do a lot of Internet-ing.

Sadly not everywhere is covered by a Wi-Fi signal -- in my flat, for example, the Wi-Fi signal from my router doesn't reach the downstairs bedroom.

I considered turning that room into a pre-Internet space where the words 'Wi-Fi' and 'apps' are just noises and a phone is a thing you keep in the hall with a pen next to it -- but that only lasted until someone told me I'd have to wait for the finale of Seinfeld to come out on video before I ran back upstairs to the wireless world to start Googling for just such a signal-boosting solution as this.

The Netgear Wi-Fi Booster for Mobile simply plugs into a wall socket and sucks your Internet connection through the walls from your main router. LED lights in the case glow to show you the best place to plug it in. Once located, it spits out a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi signal in whichever part of your home or office is an Internet hinterland, ready for your phone, tablet or laptop to start surfing and streaming.

Pricing and availability for the Netgear Wi-Fi Booster for Mobile have yet to be confirmed, but in the meantime there are plenty of similar home plug devices from the likes of Netgear, Cisco and D-Link. 

Do you have an Internet black hole in your home? Are there some places where the Internet just isn't welcome? Tell me your woes in the comments or on our Facebook page.