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Netgear entices developers with million-dollar app contest

Netgear announces an app development contest with a $1 million, 40-year-annuity grand prize, to seek innovative, creative apps for use with its smart home routers and NAS servers.

The current Netgear Genie interface of Netgear N900 routers.
The current Netgear Genie interface of Netgear N900 routers. Dong Ngo/CNET

To attract software developers, Netgear today launched its Million Dollar App Contest with the aim of diversifying the company's Netgear Genie+ marketplace. The networking vendor hopes the contest will encourage creation of innovative apps for its routers and NAS servers.

The company says the top three app developers will win a trip to Las Vegas and the winner of the contest will also receive $10,000 with a chance to win a grand prize of a $1 million 40-year annuity, which is to be announced at CES 2014. Participants will also earn revenue by selling their apps through the Netgear Genie+ marketplace.

Networking devices that can run third-party apps were first introduced a year ago when Linksys, then still owned by Cisco, unveiled its Smart Wi-Fi routers with the Cisco Connect Cloud platform. Generally these apps are designed to enhance the home-networking experience by adding features or making it more convenient to manage settings of the router or NAS server.

To participate in Netgear's contest, you need to register and submit your app by September 30. Netgear says a judging panel of industry experts will score the apps based on criteria in five categories: ease of use, features and functions, originality, indispensability, and integration of hardware.

Full details about the contest, official rules and restrictions, and registration information can be found at the contest's Web site.