Nesting bowls and more

Nesting bowls can be a simple solution to saving space in a small kitchen, and the Joseph Joseph Nest 8 Bowls take that fact a step further: bowls, measuring cups, a colander, and sieve are all packed into this small space.

Thursday Bram
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Thursday Bram

The Joseph Joseph Nest 8 Bowls The Conran Shop

In my first apartment, the kitchen was tiny: I had only two cabinets to hold both my cooking gear and my food. I relied on nesting bowls as one way to minimize the space needed for cooking equipment. Antony and Richard Joseph have taken the concept of using nesting bowls to save space far beyond the traditional set of bowls. The Joseph Joseph Nest 8 Bowls is an eight-piece set--although only two of the pieces are bowls. It also has a colander, a sieve, and four measuring cups. All of the pieces are made from melamine. They're durable and easy to clean.

The compact dimensions of the Joseph Joseph Nest 8 Bowls will make them easy to store in your kitchen. The whole set is only 12.8 inches wide, 10.23 inches wide, and 5.3 inches tall--and it eliminates trying to find storage space for eight kitchen tools. I just wish I had found this set back in college. I might have actually been able to fit a few more things in my cupboards.

The Joseph Joseph Nest Bowls are also available as a three-piece set. That set is made up of one bowl, a sieve, and a juicer. The smaller set is $29 while the larger is $59.