Name your own price for horrific e-book bundle

The Halloween Horror Bundle comes with six DRM-free books -- eight if you pony up at least $9.


As someone who loves to read, and someone who thinks most e-books are ridiculously overpriced, I'm liking this new trend of name-your-own-price e-book bundles.

To wit: StoryBundle is now offering the Halloween Horror Bundle, a collection of six horror-themed books with a price tag that's up to you.

Not sure you like horror? Try the bundle for a buck. Big fan of the genre? I'd say $1 per book is a steal. And if you're willing to pony up at least $1.25 $1.50 per book (i.e. a minimum of $9 total), you'll get two bonus books, for a grand total of eight.

Whatever you decide to pay, you have the option of donating 10 percent to a charity: MightyWriters or Trees for the Future. (Oddly, it's one or the other; you can't split the donation between both.) You also get to decide what percentage of your purchase price goes to the authors and the StoryBundle folks.

All the books are provided without DRM, so you're not limited in where or how you read them. (You can even share them with family members -- what a concept, right?) The titles come in both EPUB and .mobi formats, so they're compatible with pretty much every e-reader and e-book app on the planet. For more compatibility info, check StoryBundle's download instructions.

Oh, right: Are the books any good? I'll admit I'm not really a horror buff, but a quick check of Amazon reveals that most of these titles are rated four stars or higher by readers. So if spooky stories are your thing, here's your chance to score oodles of them on the cheap. (But hopefully not too cheap; writers gotta eat, you know.)

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