Name your own price for fantasy e-book bundle

The regular bundle includes eight full-length novels, but if you're willing to pay at least $10, you can get 10 of them. Score!

The Indie Fantasy Bundle includes eight complete novels, plus two more if you pay at least $10.

Read any good books lately? I know, e-book prices can make it tough to indulge your love of the printed word. That's why I'm jazzed to see that the folks at StoryBundle have cobbled together another great batch of books for whatever price you want to pay.

It's true! The Indie Fantasy Bundle includes six full-length novels (actually, eight, as two of the selections include the first two books in their respective series), and you get to decide how much you want to pay.

As you might suspect from the "indie" designation, these aren't titles from well-known authors. However, I've checked the Amazon reviews for each title, and every one scored an average of four to five stars from readers. In other words, these are some of the better indie fantasy works out there.

As with a lot of bundles I see these days, this one dangles a bonus option: Pay at least $10 and you'll get the third book in both of the aforementioned trilogies, bringing the total number of novels to 10 -- or $1 per book. (FYI, if you bought them individually, these books would cost you a little under $30.)

Whatever you decide to pay, you have the option of donating 10 percent to a charity: MightyWriters or Trees for the Future. (Unfortunately, it's one or the other; you can't split the donation between both.) You also get to decide what percentage of your purchase price goes to the authors and the StoryBundle folks.

All the books are provided without DRM, so you're not limited in where or how you read them. (You can even share them with family members -- what a concept, right?) The titles come in both EPUB and MOBI formats, so they're compatible with pretty much every e-reader and e-book app on the planet. For more compatibility info, check StoryBundle's download instructions.

It goes without saying that if you're a fan of the fantasy genre, you'd be crazy to pass up this bundle. And if you're not sure you're a fan, one of the included works -- "The Book of Deacon" -- is currently available for free via Amazon.

One final note: Writing a book is hard. Please keep that in mind when deciding how much to pay these very deserving authors.