Nabaztag: Router Rabbit

Introducing Nabaztag, the talking, ear-wiggling, light-emitting, Wi-Fi-enabled broadband router that's shaped like a rabbit

Rory Reid

Hot on the leather-clad heels of Ann Summers, electronics manufacturer Violet has just unveiled its own gizmo cunningly disguised as a rabbit.

It's a bunny-shaped broadband router with built-in 802.11b/g Wi-Fi and not, as some may think, an adult toy. Although it didn't take long for some Crave staffers to conjure up alternative uses for its auto-wiggling aerial ears.

The bizarrely named Nabaztag is designed to bring far more pleasure than the average Wi-Fi router. According to the folks at Firebox, this bunny is able to speak and will tell you the time, wake you up, read the news, weather and stock market information, as well as play MP3s. It even has cute lights that'll help sooth you to sleep at night.

Bizarrely, the £79.95 Nabaztag is also able to 'marry' other Nabaztags -- copying their movements, sounds and lights remotely. Why? Crave isn't sure, but Firebox says these things are selling like hotcakes -- they're out of stock at time of publication.

Presumably dozens are hopping their way to new homes, leaving the gadget specialist's stock levels resembling a receding hare line. Sorry. -RR