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Multideal Monday: GoPro alternative, shower radio and more

From the Cheapskate: Also on tap today: a free password manager, and the return of the $20 Chromecast!

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Let's get the week started off right, shall we? With a multi-deal Monday!

A low-price GoPro alternative

GoPro is the Apple of action cams: great hardware, but painfully expensive. In the past I've written about a couple low-price alternatives, but most of those were "naked" cameras -- you didn't get all the accessories needed for mounting, waterproofing and so on.

For a limited time, and while supplies last, TopBrandBoxUS (via Amazon) has the Soocoo S60 action camera for $89.99, shipped. That's after applying coupon code KKTWMWAN at checkout. Update: The S60 is sold out! The link now goes to the C10 model.

Update No. 2 (8/25/15): The S60 is back in stock with a limited quantity. And if you're interested in the C10 model, you can save $10 on that as well with coupon code CITWRZYI.

The only thing not included with this camera is a memory card. Soocoo

The S60 is a GoPro-size camera that shoots 1080p video at up to 30fps (or 720p at 60fps). It can stream live video via Wi-Fi to your mobile device, and it includes a color LCD at the rear.

It comes already installed in a waterproof housing, one that's good down to 60 meters, according to Soocoo. You also get a wireless remote that straps to your wrist and a bunch of mounting hardware. What you don't get is an SD card, which you'll need.

Also, the instructions are pretty minimal, so there's a learning curve. But I shot some video with it, and the quality was surprisingly good. Take note that this is the brand-new S60 model, not the slightly less expensive C10. Many of the accompanying user reviews are specific to the latter, which doesn't offer the wrist remote or LCD screen.

Bluetooth shower speaker

Liger Electronics

Showering is so boring, am I right? That's why I enjoy jamming to some tunes while I'm in there. But here's the problem with my bathroom speaker: Once I start the music playing, I can't adjust the volume or skip tracks.

Now I can: Liger Electronics has the Liger FM Radio Wireless Bluetooth Shower Speaker for $15.99, shipped free for Prime subscribers. Regular price: $34.99.

Pretty much everything you need to know can be found in the product name. FM radio, check. Bluetooth connectivity, check. Shower (i.e. waterproof), check. I haven't tried this myself, but the user reviews are overwhelmingly positive.

Another stupid-good Chromecast deal

If you own a modern TV and you've not yet "smartened" it, what are you waiting for?

Groupon once again has the refurbished Google Chromecast for $20. Shipping adds $3.99 unless you pad your cart to at least $35 (like by buying two Chromecasts), in which case it's free. (I also found myself on the hook for sales tax for some reason.)

What can I say about the Chromecast you don't already know? It can stream all the major services (including, as of this month, HBO Now), but you need a smartphone or tablet as the "remote." My only complaint is that it lacks a "captive portal access" mode for easier connections to hotel Wi-Fi -- and the Chromecast is otherwise the perfect travel companion.

Try RoboForm Everywhere free for a year

You cannot, must not, operate a PC without a password manager. I forbid it!

Which one is best? I'm partial to Dashlane, but it's expensive ($40 annually). You should definitely try different products to see which one you like best. And start here: For a limited time, SharewareOnSale has a one-year RoboForm Everywhere license for free. Regular price: $19.95.

The software not only syncs your passwords across all your devices (PC, Mac, Android, iOS, Web, etc.), but also automatically fills out Web forms (a function that's nearly as invaluable as password management).

The giveway gets you the latest version: 7.9. And if you're already a subscriber, it will extend your existing subscription by another year (from today's date)!