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More details: Sony offers repairs for 350,000 cameras

Warping metal on the bottom of a 2005 Sony digital camera can cause cuts or scratches, Sony warns, and offers a free repair.

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As we previously reported, Sony announced Thursday it's offering to repair 350,000 digital cameras, a point-and-shoot model called the Cyber-shot DSC-T5 released in 2005, because of a problem that could cause metal on the bottom of the camera to cut or scratch the photographer.

A defect in the bottom of some Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T5 cameras can cause cuts or scratches. Sony

"Sony has recently discovered that some DSC-T5 Cyber-shot digital still cameras may experience peeling and warping of the metal coating on the bottom of the camera that could result in a slight cut or scratch to the user's skin," Sony said in an advisory on its Web site.

The Japanese electronics giant will replace the part and pay shipping for free for anyone affected by the problem. The warping problem, cased by an irregularity in adhesive strength, only affects cameras with serial numbers between 3500001 and 3574100, the company said.

Sony spokesman Ryoko Takagi told The Associated Press that the problem affects about 284,000 cameras that were sold in the United States and about 66,000 in Japan. He said about 30 Japanese customers and several others elsewhere reported small cuts or scratches from the problem.