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Mobile microwave for fast meals on the go

Mini portable microwave runs off your car battery, or 12V-accessory socket. Gives new meaning to fast food.

Fast food, literally.

OK, I take back everything I said the other day about the Mini Fridge-Warmer. Or rather, I take back half of the things I said about it. Specifically, the half extolling the virtues of having a portable food warmer plugged into my car for road trips. It seems there is a better way to cook food on the go.

With the In-Car Microwave Oven I can cook whatever want, whenever I want, wherever I want. Suddenly I am free from the tyranny of once-cooked foods. Now, with this mini-mic if I want to heat up some soup or cook a frozen dinner I can do so whilst rolling down the highway. I could even defrost a chicken at 60 mph if I were so inclined.

The In-Car Microwave connects not only via the 12V cigarette-lighter socket, (ahem, excuse me, I mean accessory outlet) but leads are included that would attach the microwave to your car battery. It may not be as much fun to pull over to the side of the road and connect the microwave to the battery, but it would be more powerful. Of course, since it is recommended to keep the car running to avoid battery drain, you could probably fashion the connection to feed off the battery and run it straight to the inside of your car.

Hmm...all of a sudden, this mobile microwave is starting to sound more complicated. And, I just thought of something: you're gonna want that Mini-Fridge-Warmer anyways, because you're going to need somewhere to store all your goodies before you get around to microwaving them.

(Via Cooking Gadgets)