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Mix it up with the Dual-Wave blender

A versatile blender that uses two discrete single-serve jars for variety or a single, larger jar for bigger quantities.

Ever tried to make milkshakes for more than one child at a time? They never want the same flavor, and worse, they are mightily offended by even the merest trace of the previous flavor left in the blender to contaminate the new shake. So, Mom winds up washing out the whole blender twice, which means that milkshakes are a rare treat. And that's sad.

Why decide? Have chocolate AND strawberry. Hamilton Beach

The Hamilton Beach Dual-Wave blender wants to stop the madness. Simply load up two independent, 16-ounce serve jars with your favorite flavors and run them separately--but at the same time. And wait, there's more! Let's say Junior's gone off to bed, and now it's just you and the gang itching for some margaritas. No problem; replace the two single-serve jars with one 80-ounce jar, and blend away.

That's right--the blender can also use a single, larger jar, and it uses the power of both motors and blades to whip up your drinks in just 30 seconds. You can use the dispensing spout to let your guests serve themselves so you can all get to the business of drinking a little sooner. (Don't want your guests helping themselves? Remove the dispensing spout and cap it off;you can still pour directly from the blender.)

The blender features dishwasher-safe parts for easy clean-up. And the single-serve jars can fit inside the larger blender for storage. Two similar models are available with varying top-motor power speeds, with prices from $80 to $90.