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Mine more cryptocurrency with this new Asus motherboard

Mining Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency requires GPU power, and this new PC component hooks up 19 graphics cards at once.


Mining Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency requires powerful computers with powerful graphics hardware. At a certain point, it's literally about getting more back than it costs you in electricity and other expenses to run a mining machine.

PC maker Asus has a new computer motherboard that aims to maximise the number of GPUs, or graphics cards, per computer. The new B250 Mining Expert has enough PCIe slots to support 19 individual graphics cards, according to the company. A press release states:

Successful cryptocurrency mining comes down to basic math and economics. With more PCI Express slots than any other mining motherboard, the B250 Mining Expert can share more GPUs with the same CPU, memory, and storage.

The B250 is available now for $149 (UK and Australian prices weren't available but that converts to about £110 or AU$185).