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Microwave mug cakes for single-serving snacks

This cookbook lets your microwave take center stage.

Give your microwave some attention. Amazon

A cookbook doesn't seem a likely choice to feature here at the blog, but I'll make an exception for 101 Recipes for Microwave Mug Cakes by Stacey J. Miller because it's got a slightly tech-y angle to it.

Although Miller didn't invent the microwave mug cake (MMC), she really likes them--enough that she spent time creating and testing all the recipes featured in the book. The beauty of the MMC, she says, is that it lets you make a single serving of a snack in under 10 minutes. No leftovers to tempt you, one mixing bowl and one mug to clean--it's all good.

MMCs also offer kids a way to try out their cooking skills--but supervision is critical. Baking in the microwave is not without risk, and Miller cautions readers to pay close attention to her instructions if they'd like to continue using their kitchen appliances.

The variety of flavors in the recipes provided means you'll probably find something you like. If the peanut butter and jelly doesn't excite you, maybe spicy squash, honey walnut, chocolate blueberry, or pizza is more your speed. Check out a sample recipe online, and snag your copy at your favorite online bookseller.