Microsoft's Surface Laptop 2 gets pretty in pink

The "Blush" finish is exclusive to China.

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You can only make Microsoft's Surface Laptop 2 "Blush" if you're in China.


Microsoft's $999 Surface Laptop 2 is available in pink, but you'll have a difficult time getting ahold of one.

The "Blush" finish was created exclusively for China, Microsoft Chief Product Officer and Surface creator Panos Panay tweeted Monday, as he arrived in Beijing to reveal the company's new products for the country.

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He credited Microsoft designer that he referenced only as Quan with designing the pink color option for updated version of 2017's Surface Laptop.

Panay toured some of the company's production sites during his trip to China and checked out a Surface Pro 6 in matte black "right off the line" on Friday.

Microsoft didn't reveal any plans to bring the pink Surface Laptop 2 to territories outside China, but it's available in black, platinum, burgundy and blue everywhere else.

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