Meta Quest Will Play Apple's 3D Spatial Videos Too

An update announced today folds in a way to play back Apple's new 3D videos right as the Vision Pro launches.

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Scott Stein

Meta's adding support for Apple's immersive video format.

There's a more affordable way to play back Apple's 3D iPhone 15 Pro-shot spatial videos. Right before Apple's Vision Pro goes on sale tomorrow, Meta announced that the Quest is getting an update to play spatial videos, too. The update will work on Quest 2, Quest 3 and Quest Pro headsets.

The support has been rumored recently, but it was confirmed today that the Quest's upcoming v62 OS update will include the feature. Quest OS updates tend to roll out over the course of weeks versus being instantly available to download, but we'll have hands-on thoughts as soon as possible to explain how it all works.

The v62 update is also adding PlayStation 5 DualSense or PlayStation 4 DualShock controller support for the Quest, and browser support for controllers for game streaming. Facebook live-streaming and expanded hand gesture quick actions are also part of the new update.

Apple's spatial video format is 3D video shot in 1080p at 30fps, and it can play back as 2D on the iPhone or when shared other places. The Vision Pro plays back the videos via the Photos app, showing 3D videos either in a floating window-like frame or in an expanded, fuzzy-bordered, more immersive frame. 

Apple's headset has a much sharper display than Meta's VR headsets. But the Vision Pro costs $3,499, while the recently-released Quest 3 costs $499.

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