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Meet Zuse, the dot matrix toaster

Austrian designers Inseq introduce resolution for toast. Literally burns an image onto toast at 12 x 12 pixel resolution.

Take me to your toaster.
Inseq design

Dot matrix printers were never very good at printing. They were loud, large, and produced lousy results. Plus you had to pull off that threaded edge with all the holes. Come to think of it, perhaps those annoying strips of holey paper were the inspiration behind this odd dot matrix toaster from Inseq design in Austria. Maybe the designer has a penchant for PB&J sandwiches with the crusts cut off.

Zuse works by toasting an image line-by-line from a stored memory chip. When a slice of bread is placed in the toaster, an optical sensor recognizes it as such and triggers the toasting mechanism for the printing, er...toasting. Wondering about the quality? Well, the Zuse toasts bread at 12 by 12 pixel resolution--higher, I'm sure, than whatever resolution your current toaster prints at. No word yet on how good the toast is.

Is it art? Is it a toaster? I'm not really sure, but I do know I like it. The fact that we soon may be able to find out what a Space Invader (I think that's what that is) tastes like has got to be worth something. And of course, if the Zuse ever takes off, we may soon be seeing a whole bunch of expensive toast, or food sightings selling on eBay.

Via Appliancist