Meet the £10,000 iPhone 4 dock

What would you pay to own the latest iPhone 4 dock? £5, £10, or £25? Well, according to the Apple store, you might need to extend your credit limit to £10,000

Ian Morris

We knew the iPhone 4 was expensive, but we had hoped that the docks would be more wallet-friendly. Sadly, it seems we were wrong, as this screengrab shows. On the plus side, Cupertino's finest is offering free shipping on the £10,000 accessory, which is a saving, of sorts.

We're pretty sure this was a listing mistake on Apple's part, as the product page for this iPhone 4 dock is now showing it at a more reasonable £25. Although we've no doubt some of the more ferocious fanboys might be prepared to cough up £10k for it --we’re looking at you Stephen Fry.

Clearly, these pricing issues and the Apple store's other problems today are related to the arrival of the iPhone 4 pre-order. As we write this, the store is refusing to accept any orders, with each attempt to put something in the basket resulting in an error page. So perhaps there is a good reason Apple usually takes its store offline during new launches after all...