Meet Fizzics, the gadget that wants to make your beer better

Could science make your beer taste better? A new gadget called Fizzics claims to take your store-bought beer to the next level by delivering the full taste and aroma the brewer intended.

Anthony Domanico
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Anthony Domanico
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Beer is already pretty great, but one company thinks it can make your brew even better.

That company is Fizzics, and it's developed a battery-powered countertop machine of the same name that is supposed to use high-frequency sound waves and oscillation to create a dense, long-lasting head and consistent carbonation and distribution of the beer so you get a better pour.

To use it, you put a full bottle or can of beer inside the machine, insert a tube in the beer and close the top. The beer should then pressurize, oscillate and be ready to pour almost instantly using the tap on the top of the machine. You're supposed to flip the tap forward to pour the beer, and after your glass fills most of the way, flip it backward to pour the thick foam.

The Fizzics gadget is said to be compatible with all standard beer bottles and growlers, as well as 16- to 32-ounce cans, but the founders note you should always use cold beer with the machine for optimum results.

It's expected to retail for $199 (about £130, AU$250), but early backers of the Indiegogo campaign can secure a machine for a$119 (about £80, AU$150). That price includes free shipping to the US; the page says international backers will be contacted shortly after the campaign closes with their shipping quote. The target for shipments is this October, but as with all crowdfunding campaigns, actual shipping times may vary.

At those prices, the Fizzics machine isn't for everyone; it's meant more for the craft beer enthusiast who is always searching for the best possible brew and wants to consume beer the way the brewers intended. If you're still someone who drinks only the cheapest beer you can find in the liquor store, this probably isn't the gadget for you.

The Fizzics pour on the right looks more consistent and appealing than the pour on the left. Fizzics