Meccano pimps it up with new radio-controlled cars

Remember Meccano? No? Ask your dad. Anyway, it's pimped up its cars so you can drive them around and even play your music on them

Andrew Lim

When Crave was a young whippersnapper, Meccano box sets were absolutely fantastic, but it was a pretty basic kit. You could make cars, houses, spacecraft and almost anything that your mind could come up with but it had its limitations.

One limitation in particular was that unless you had the skills to create a car chassis and house a motor inside it then you were stuck with a very motionless vehicle. But times have changed, and Meccano has had a serious makeover.

Presenting -- the Meccano Tuning range of remote-controlled cars: the Tuning Urban, Tuning Street Racing and Tuning Cruising Style (pictured left to right). Each Tuning model comes in a kit from which you can build three different cars.

Other features include glowing neon lights on the bottom, flashing headlights and rear lights, driving sound effects and the ability to plug in an MP3 player and listen to your tunes on the go.

All this for the bargain price of only £40, which isn't bad considering you can make three different cars per kit. Any small person in your life is sure to appreciate you building it for them. -AL