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Marshall Major and Minor headphones are alive and amplified

Legendary amp-maker Marshall has unveiled its first effort at headphones with the Marshall Major and Marshall Minor -- on-ear and in-ear 'phones for the discerning rocker.

You probably know Marshall best for making those iconic amps that rock stars like using. Well, if you ever thought to yourself, "Hey, I wish I could strap those amps to either side of my head and rock out like a crazy person," you're in luck, because the world-famous amp manufacturer has unveiled its first Marshall-branded headphones.

There's an on-ear pair called the Major, or if you prefer in-ear 'phones, there's a set available called the Minor (we totally get it!).

The Majors offer collapsible earcups for easy storage and transportation, and 'super soft' cushions for keeping your ears nicely coddled as you rock your own socks off. They come with a 3.5/6.4mm adaptor, so you can use these cans with just about anything that makes noise, including mobile phones, MP3 players, guitar amps and mixing desks.

A 1m cable plus a rather natty design that takes a great deal from the classic amps themselves makes for a tasty proposition, but we'll have to wait until we actually hear the things before we make a final judgement.


The Minors are some unusually shaped in-ear 'phones, that apparently secure neatly into position within your ear. The cable features a microphone and remote for making calls when you're on the phone, though we suspect that will only work with specific mobiles.

Pricing for both models looks to be pretty competitive, with the Majors retailing for $99 (£61) in the US, and the Minors going for $59 (£37). Still, that's pretty affordable, so if these turn out to sound as good as their heritage suggests, they could prove something of a bargain.

We'll get a review up as soon as possible, so stay tuned.