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Marine case makes for happy surf snaps braves the waves to check out Panasonic's water resistant camera case at a girls-only surfing event.

Yesterday, took to the waves at Cronulla beach as part of the Billabong Girls Get Out There surf tour. What's so techy about hanging ten? Well, if you want to show off your surf stylings long after you've left the sea, you'll need a water resistant camera to capture your moves.

In the name of duty, your writer participated in a surfing lesson on the sand and then took to the ocean, where she endured several self-inflicted head injuries, some colossal dumpings, and even accidentally detached the leg rope from her surfboard. Good thing all the action was caught on camera, courtesy of Panasonic's $499 DMW-MCFX01E -- a watertight "marine case" for the company's recently released Lumix line-up. The polycarbonate case suits the DMC-FX01, DMC-FX07 and DMC-FX3 models, and is water resistant to a depth of 40 metres.

We'll spare you the sight of our representative's ungainly attempts to ride the waves, but here are some other photos from the event, which drew a formidable school-holiday crowd of surfer girls. All were taken with a DMC-FX07 digital camera housed in the DMW-MCFX01E marine case.