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Make your beverages all the buzz

Serving your beverages outside requires a few tricks, and the Beehive Beverage Jar has incorporated all of them.

The Beehive Beverage Jar
The Beehive Beverage Jar
Sur la table

When you've got friends over for a cookout or another party, the drinks are especially important. If you're outside, you absolutely have to have some sort of covered drink dispenser. It helps to have something on the heavier side that can't be knocked over if a 4-year-old wants to pour her own lemonade or if some friendly roughhousing gets too close to the table. The Beehive Beverage Jar has all the necessary qualities to make it an ideal option for drinks at a party. It's a glass jar, standing 13.5 inches tall and capable of holding plenty of lemonade or other drinks for a party. You can even fill it with more-adult concoctions, like sangria, or use it for entertaining indoors, like for pouring orange juice at a big breakfast.

The Beehive Beverage Jar includes a spigot for easy pouring. It should be hand-washed in between uses. The jar is decorated with bees, in addition to being shaped like a beehive, and you can purchase a separate metal stand (also decorated with bees) that boosts the jar's height by 6 inches, making for even easier pouring. The separate stand is priced at $16.95 and is also hand-wash only. The Beehive Beverage Jar is available for $49.95.