Make the most of the new Twitter redesign you just got

You've got more control over your #NewTwitter, so use it.

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Twitter 's has been slowly rolling out its new design on desktop to its users and people are not pleased. Most of the comments on #NewTwitter have been urging Twitter to bring back its older design. 

The new Twitter look lets you change the background color and font size and colors. Twitter told us it's exploring the option of the new color layouts on mobile, too.

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Along with these new color options is a new layout that's more in line with the Twitter app for phones . For example, you'll see a sidebar on the left that shows the Home, Notifications, Messages, Profile buttons and other functions.

To access the new features, you'll need to switch from your old Twitter to the new Twitter look. Keep in mind that Twitter is still rolling out the new features, so keep checking back if you don't see it right away.

Here's how to get that new Twitter look if you don't see it yet:

Screenshot by Katie Conner/CNET

1. The first thing you'll need to do is switch over to the new layout by clicking on your settings and selecting Try out the new Twitter.

2. Your entire Twitter layout will change and your settings menu will be moved to the left. Click the three dots that say More.

3. Click Display

You'll see a box of customizable options. Here's what they do:

Screenshot by Katie Conner/CNET

Font size: You now have four font size options, from small to large. This affects all of the text on your Twitter page: settings, Tweets, trends. Choose the option that best fits your viewing needs by tapping on the circles that correspond to the font size options.

Color: Finally, new color options! You can choose to stick with Twitter blue, or you can choose yellow, pink, purple, orange or green instead. It'll change the color of links, Home, Tweet and Follow buttons.

Background: There are now three background options to choose from. There's Default, which is the original white background, Dim, which turns your screen gray, and Lights out, which makes your background completely black (also known as dark mode).

What do you think about the new Twitter layout? Let us know your favorite color combos in the comments below.