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Made for odd measurements

Some recipes call for odd amounts of ingredients, like 2/3 teaspoon. The Odd Size Measuring Spoons will ensure that you can actually measure those strange amounts.

The Odd Size Measuring Spoons
Uncommon Goods

There are more than a few recipes out there that require certain amounts of ingredients that can leave you scrambling for a calculator. How do you measure 2/3 teaspoon when you only have 1/2 and 1/4 teaspoon measuring spoons? And just how much is a dash? The Odd Size Measuring Spoons include many of those stranger measurements so you can skip the math and get on with the cooking. The set includes both standard sizes of measuring spoons, as well as a range of unusual spoons starting with a pinch (less than 1/8 teaspoon) and working its way up through nine different spoons. The set also is marked in milliliters to make metric recipes easier.

The Odd Size Measuring Spoons offer an oval shape so they can reach into even the smallest spice jars. Each spoon has a curved handle that allows you to set full spoons on the counter, if need be, without worrying that they'll tip over. They're made from stainless steel and plastic and are dishwasher-safe. The measuring spoons nest for easy storage and come on a convenient storage clip that keeps them together. The Odd Size Measuring Spoons are $18.