Mac mini and iMac refresh tipped to appear with iPad mini

The increasingly crowded Apple event is also rumoured to play host to a 13-inch retina MacBook Pro.

Luke Westaway Senior editor
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Luke Westaway
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Apple's tiniest computer, the humble Mac mini, is rumoured to be getting a much-needed refresh alongside the launch of the fabled iPad mini.

Citing anonymous sources, 9to5Mac reports the new Mac mini units will come in two sizes, with varying processor and storage options. That's exactly how the Mac mini is served up now, although both current models have the same 500GB of storage as standard.

True to form, Apple is reckoned to start shipping the new mini Macs immediately after unveiling them. Speedier processors and USB 3.0 ports would be smart bets on any refresh, and flash storage on the cheapest models would be a welcome addition.

The Mac mini doesn't get as much attention as Apple's headline-thieving mobile tech, but last year's model impressed in our review. My colleague Andrew Hoyle declared this miniature metal machine to be a good choice if you're looking for a home-cinema PC, and powerful enough to handle a spot of gaming too.

Meanwhile Macrumours spotted a Chinese forum thread that points to a new iMac, that's said to be much thinner than the existing model. There's a photo that supposedly shows some internal components too.

The iPad mini is tipped to be revealed in a week's time, on 23 October, so that's likely when we'd see any other kit updated. Miniaturisation and Macs could well be a theme of Apple's rumoured shindig -- a 13-inch version of its retina display MacBook Pro is also expected to be revealed.

Intriguing stuff, though there's been absolutely no word from Apple itself on any new gear. The iPod-spawning company always stays tight-lipped, but it's worth taking any rumours with a pinch or two of delicious salt.

If Apple really is going to debut a slew of new gadgetry next week, we should see invites winging their way to members of the press today or tomorrow. As always, stay tuned folks.

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