Logitech S530 Mac: Apple killer

Some people say that if it ain't broke, don't fix it, but Logitech's new wireless mouse and keyboard combo aims to improve on Apple's perfect template

Guy Cocker
2 min read

'I'm a little keyboard, short and stout. Here are my keys and here's my mouse.' If Logitech gifted its Cordless Desktop S530 with a voicebox, it would no doubt indulge the Mac owner with polite conversation -- before taking control. Using a wireless USB adaptor, the white keyboard and mouse combo is a 'replacement desktop' for the Apple Mac, and it's stocked up with shortcut keys for Mac-specific features such as iTunes and Spotlight.

The good thing about this package is that the keyboard is ultra-thin and the mouse is very similar to the G5 PC model we loved. The bad thing is that the keys are raised further up than on the default Mac keyboard, and they make quite a racket when you're typing. Battery life is quoted at up to six months for the keyboard, and we tested the range of both devices up to 10m away with good results.

This keyboard seems the perfect choice for our Mac-equipped design team, as they can switch tracks in iTunes without having to move their fingers more than a few centimetres. Alas, these Mac lovers will cry into their new keyboard when they realise that you have to configure the extra keys using the included software.

If it isn't plug-and-play, Mac users have a tendency to smack themselves around the face and inflict pain to those around them. They might also bemoan the silver colour of the mouse -- it will go perfectly with a new Mac G5, but who's rich enough to afford one of those?

Any PC owners looking to get a slice of Mac cool can also use the S530 cordless desktop. It costs around £60 and is available now. -GC