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Logitech follows Razer's lead with MMO gaming mouse

Logitech's G600 MMO Gaming Mouse takes its multi-button cue from the Razer Naga.


You might be familiar with the Razer Naga gaming mouse. Revised a few times since its 2010 debut, the Naga's core aim has always been helping gamers master the complex control schemes of online role-playing games like the World of Warcraft and Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Apparently feeling the absence of such a device in its own lineup, Logitech today announces the G600 MMO Gaming Mouse.

Like the Naga, the G600 has 12 programmable buttons along its left side. Logitech's take on the design adds a dedicated "G shift" button on the top of the mouse, which lets you swap button mappings on the fly. This effectively gives at-hand access to 24 separate in-game commands.

The G600 has familiar high-end mouse features like 1 millisecond response time, a programmable laser sensor with an 8,600 dot-per-inch maximum sensitivity, and on-board memory for storing your button profiles independent of the mouse software. Logitech has added a silicon anti-friction surface to the bottom of the G600 to promote smooth movement, as well as the requisite color-customizable LED backlighting.

Both the Naga and the G600 have a $79.99 price tag, but on paper, the Logitech's profile switching seems to give it the features advantage. I hope to have a review unit soon.