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Live cultures, on your countertop

Waring Pro yogurt maker lets you make yogurt at home.

Sur la table

One of my favorite snacks is yogurt. Not only is it great for breakfast, but it's also a good accompaniment to my lunch sandwich and perfect for dessert. The trouble is that I live in a place where yogurt is quite expensive. Sometimes (if I'm lucky) I can buy yogurt for $0.99 a cup, but more often one serving will run me about $1.25.

I'm not embarrassed to say that I was really surprised to hear that things like this Waring Pro Yogurt Maker exist. It lets you make big batches of your own yogurt at home in six 8 ounce or two 16 ounce polycarbonate canisters. To make yogurt, all you have to do is combine the flavors you want with something to make a yogurt culture (which you can find in prepackaged packets containing skim milk powder, sucrose, ascorbic acid, and a lactic bacteria yogurt starter). It has an LED screen and beeps when your yogurt is finished.

The Waring Pro Yogurt Maker costs about $50 at most vendors, meaning that it would pay for itself after making only about five batches of six yogurts each. Not too shabby.