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Light My Fire Spork saves you from using three utensils

Tired of always carrying around a fork, knife, and a spoon? Who isn't? Light My Fire Spork combines all three.

Light My Fire Spork ThinkGeek

I honestly have no idea why this is called the Light My Fire Spork, but the concept is certainly one that makes sense to those who pay attention to kitchen appliances. Combine this with that, and there you go. That is, of course, unless you choose to combine this with that, along with some other thing. It seems to be true that most combination appliances prefer to combine only two things. (Which for some strange reason, most tend to include toasters into the mix). This crazy gizmo merges three, and not a one of them requires a power outlet.

The Teflon-friendly polycarbonate construct merges western utensils into one handy utensil. The handle functions as a spoon, while the other side is comprised of fork tines complete with a serrated edge to serve as the knife.

While really the argument could be made that this doesn't really qualify as a three-thing combo, the effect is certainly one of efficiency. While I may not be replacing my set of mismatched silverware anytime soon with the Light My Fire Spork, it certainly would be a useful utensil for camping or other eating on the go. Available in standard (6.75 inch) or large (10 inch).