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LG Pocket Photo 2 prints mobile snaps, slims down

LG has unveiled a new device that wirelessly prints photos from your mobile, and it's much better than its predecessor.

Joe Svetlik Reporter
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Joe Svetlik
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Here's another titbit ahead of CES next week. It's the LG Pocket Photo 2, a neat little gadget that wirelessly prints photos from your mobile. LG has announced it, and will show it off at CES in Vegas.

As the name suggests, it's the follow-up to the original Pocket Photo. It'll roll out globally "in sequence" (it's always a joy deciphering these translations of Korean press releases). I've contacted LG UK to see if it has any word on when it'll reach these shores. The original is sold here, so I'd expect this to follow suit soon.

So what's changed from the first Pocket Photo? The second instalment is slightly thinner, and it prints at 313x600 dpi. Glossy magazines are printed at 300 dpi, so your snaps should look pretty sharp.

The Pocket Photo 2 will print off 30 shots before needing a recharge. It works with Android, iOS or Windows Phone 8, and a companion app will be available for Android and iOS. You print snaps wirelessly using Bluetooth. If your device is equipped with NFC, just tap it to pair.

Like Polaroid's PoGo portable printer, it uses Zink paper -- this has colour-forming chemicals embedded in it, and as heat is applied, the colours come through. Basically, it means you don't have to keep topping up the device with pricey printer ink.

You can even embed QR codes and messages into your printed snaps, to add another techy edge to them.

LG has already unveiled some audio products ahead of CES next week, as well as its massive curved telly. What else are you hoping for from CES? Do you think LG will show off its wearable tech, like a smart watch and a fitness tracker? What about Samsung's rumoured Galaxy Band fitness tracker? Let me know in the comments, or jog on over to our Facebook page.