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Lexmark X8350: lust in a box

Behold the Lexmark X8350: a device that scans, copies, faxes, and delivers the type of image quality that you'd sell your granny for

Here at Crave, we've fallen madly in love with all sorts of gadgets, but never a printer. Most of them are far too unsexy to warrant our attention, and we dread to think what their hard edges would do to our... Ahem.

But since our affair with the Sony VAIO TX2 ended (Sony took it back, the rat), we've grown a little older and wiser, and can now fall in love with gadgets for their personality alone.

The first to feel the full intensity of our amorousness is the Lexmark X8350. This premium all-in-one device is capable of scanning, copying and sending faxes, but the real magic -- and the reason for our lust -- is its exceptional photo-printing abilities. It rocks.

We've just spent the morning printing high-res pictures of Celine Dion, and remarkably the results were truly beautiful. The X8350 uses only one colour cartridge, but we reckon 94.3 per cent of all people would be unable to tell the difference between its prints and those of a dedicated six-cartridge photo printer.

The scanning and copying functions were slightly less impressive, but you won't need a degree in printer science to operate the device, as it has a handy 61mm (2.4-inch) colour screen and an integrated memory card reader that'll work with just about any card type on the planet.

You can get the X8350 for around £150. Buy it -- it'll restart your jaded gadget heart. -RR