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Let the spoon do the work

Stop trying to find some place to put your dripping spoons while you cook. Use the Lazy Spoon, which can take care of itself.

Jonathan's Lazy Spoon Chef Central

It always happens: I'm stirring sauce, soup, or something, and I have to find some place to stash the dripping spoon in between stirring. I usually rely on saucers, but that just means I wind up with one more dish to wash as I prepare dinner. Wouldn't it be nice if the spoon could take care of itself? Jonathan's Lazy Spoons do just that: these wooden spoons have a notch on the handle so that you can balance them on the edge of the pan or bowl where you've been stirring up a storm.

Lazy Spoons are made of non-endangered wild cherry hardwood. Not only are they long lasting, but also you can be sure that they are crafted without causing harm to the environment. Because they are wood, the Lazy Spoons aren't dishwasher-safe. Instead, Chef Central recommends hand washing the spoons with soap and water. Occasionally oiling the spoon can help it to continue to look good.

These spoons are 12 inches long, long enough to stir hot liquids without worrying about splashing your hands. The Lazy Spoons are priced at $24.99.