Lenovo Yoga 7i (14-inch, Gen 7) Review: Excellent 2-in-1 for Less

Editors' Choice: The Yoga 7i Gen 7 is overall a great convertible laptop, but you'll need to be a patient shopper to get the best deal.

Updated Oct. 26, 2022 4:00 a.m. PT

Written by  Joshua Goldman
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Lenovo Yoga 7i (14-inch, Gen 7)
8.3/10 CNET Score
$798 at Walmart
8.3/ 10

Lenovo Yoga 7i (14-inch, Gen 7)

$798 at Walmart


  • Great battery life
  • Premium look and feel
  • 1080p webcam
  • Strong performance
  • Fingerprint reader and facial recognition for sign-ins


  • Memory soldered on
  • USB-C ports all on left side

The Lenovo Yoga 7i got a top-to-bottom update for 2022 and all of the changes greatly improve the experience. The thin, 3-pound metal body with smooth, rounded edges is more comfortable for typing and carrying. The 16:10 display has a higher resolution and 100% sRGB color gamut, making it more enjoyable for streaming video and better for basic content creation. Its two USB-C ports support Thunderbolt 4 for faster data transfers and display output (though there's an HDMI out, too). You can sign in with either the built-in fingerprint reader or facial recognition. The webcam is now 1080p, giving your video chats finer detail. Performance is strong for its class and battery life was close to 13 hours in our tests. Even the speakers sound good.

The higher-end Yoga 9i has some fun extra features like its rotating soundbar hinge and an OLED display option, and it is faster because of its higher-performance Intel P-series processors. But for most people who need a solid laptop for office or schoolwork, especially if battery life is a concern, the Yoga 7i is the smarter, more affordable choice. 

Lenovo Yoga 7i Gen 7 14-inch two-in-one laptop in stand mode with the display facing left on a yellow background.
Josh Goldman/CNET

Better shop around

Pricing and availability for laptops have been unpredictable this year, to say the least. Things seem to be settling down in time for holiday shopping, but you'll still want to keep an eye on prices. Lenovo frequently puts its laptops on sale, and if a model you want isn't on sale, wait a week or two if you can and check again. For example, the blue 14-inch Yoga 7i configuration I tested is available from Best Buy for $1,200. However, it's on sale on Lenovo's site for $865 in silver and with twice the amount of storage, no less -- 1TB compared to the 512GB in mine. It's well priced at $1,200 but a steal at $865. Basically, just be sure to check the specs and pricing on and off Lenovo's site to get the best configuration for your money. Prices start at £1,080 in the UK and AU$1,840 in Australia

Lenovo Yoga 7i (14-inch, Gen 7)

Price as reviewed $1,200
Display size/resolution 14-inch, 2,240x1,400-pixel, LCD touchscreen
CPU 1.7GHz Intel Core i7-1255U
Memory 16GB LPDDR5 4,800MHz (onboard)
Graphics 128MB Intel Iris Xe Graphics
Storage 512GB M.2 PCIe Gen4 SSD
Networking Wi-Fi 6E 2x2 AX, Bluetooth 5.1
Operating system Windows 11 Home (21H2)

My main recommendation is to get 16GB of memory if you can afford it. Like many laptops now, the memory is soldered onto the mainboard and there's no slot to add more in the future. The Yoga 7i should perform fine with 8GB of memory for basic everyday productivity and entertainment, but if you plan to do more now or later, get 16GB. Storage, on the other hand, can be increased later with a larger solid-state drive, so it's better to skimp there than on memory. 

Lenovo Yoga 7i 2022 14-inch two-in-one laptop open with the display facing forward, sitting on a wood table.
Josh Goldman/CNET

Performance was strong from the configuration we tested, besting a similarly configured and priced Dell Inspiron 14 2-in-1, as well as a pricier HP Spectre x360 13.5 two-in-one. On our streaming video test with screen brightness set to 50% and audio through earbuds also at 50%, the Lenovo Yoga 7i Gen 7 reached 12 hours, 45 minutes. You can read more about how we test and see our benchmark test results at the end of this review. 

The keyboard and touchpad of the Lenovo Yoga 7i Gen 7 two-in-one laptop.

Lenovo's backlit keyboard is comfortable and the precision touchpad is big, smooth and responsive. 

Josh Goldman/CNET

The rest of the Lenovo Yoga 7i Gen 7 is just plain good. The body looks good (if a bit dated for my tastes) and the curved edges are more comfortable for typing and carrying compared to past Yoga models as well as competitors like the Dell Inspiron 14 2-in-1. The 2.2K-resolution display is a good middle ground: An improvement from 1080p without the higher price and the bigger battery drain of 4K. The screen does support pen input but one isn't included in the box. 

If you're spending more time on video conference calls, you'll appreciate the increased resolution of the 1080p webcam, the built-in mics and the full sound from its four speakers. Plus, there's a mic mute on the keyboard and a physical shutter to block the webcam when you don't want to be seen or heard. And, to make signing in faster, there's an IR camera for facial recognition and a fingerprint reader below the keyboard on the right side. 

The Lenovo Yoga 7i Gen 7 two-in-one laptop open and facing to the right and showing the lid.

The Yoga 7i is currently available in blue (pictured) and silver. 

Josh Goldman/CNET

The port assortment is just enough, with two Thunderbolt 4 USB-C ports, a microSD card slot and an HDMI out on the left, and a headset jack and USB-A port on the right. I really wish laptop-makers would be better about separating USB-C ports, having at least one on each side. Not only is it more flexible for charging, but it also makes connecting docks and adapters easier. It's certainly not a deal-breaker but it is an annoyance nonetheless. 

When it comes to an all-around excellent laptop for most people, Apple's MacBook Air is regularly our go-to recommendation. The Lenovo Yoga 7i Gen 7 gets a similar vote when it comes to two-in-one convertibles. From its design to its features to its performance and battery life, it's a great choice. And if you can get it for less than $1,000, it's an amazing value, too. 

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Geekbench 5 (multicore)

Acer Spin 5 SP514-51N 9766Lenovo Yoga 9i (14-inch, Gen 7) 9016Lenovo Yoga 7i (14-inch, Gen 7) 8378HP Spectre x360 14 (2022) 7404Dell Inspiron 14 2-in-1 (2022) 6317
Note: Longer bars indicate better performance

Cinebench R23 CPU (multicore)

Acer Spin 5 SP514-51N 10628Lenovo Yoga 9i (14-inch, Gen 7) 7716Dell Inspiron 14 2-in-1 (2022) 6923Lenovo Yoga 7i (14-inch, Gen 7) 6580HP Spectre x360 14 (2022) 5891
Note: Longer bars indicate better performance

PCMark 10 Pro Edition

Acer Spin 5 SP514-51N 5835Lenovo Yoga 9i (14-inch, Gen 7) 5800Lenovo Yoga 7i (14-inch, Gen 7) 5584HP Spectre x360 14 (2022) 4920Dell Inspiron 14 2-in-1 (2022) 4651
Note: Longer bars indicate better performance

3DMark Wild Life Extreme

Acer Spin 5 SP514-51N 4051Lenovo Yoga 9i (14-inch, Gen 7) 3903Lenovo Yoga 7i (14-inch, Gen 7) 3571HP Spectre x360 14 (2022) 3542Dell Inspiron 14 2-in-1 (2022) 2469
Note: Longer bars indicate better performance

UL Procyon Video (Adobe Premiere test)

Acer Spin 5 SP514-51N 2662HP Spectre x360 14 (2022) 2363Lenovo Yoga 7i (14-inch, Gen 7) 2233Dell Inspiron 14 2-in-1 (2022) 1643
Note: Longer bars indicate better performance

JetStream2 (JavaScript and WebAssembly benchmark) in Chrome

Acer Spin 5 SP514-51N 244.546Dell Inspiron 14 2-in-1 (2022) 237.823Lenovo Yoga 7i (14-inch, Gen 7) 227.342HP Spectre x360 14 (2022) 220.998
Note: Longer bars indicate better performance

Streaming video playback battery drain test (minutes)

Lenovo Yoga 7i (14-inch, Gen 7) 765HP Spectre x360 14 (2022) 640Lenovo Yoga 9i (14-inch, Gen 7) 631Acer Spin 5 SP514-51N 579Dell Inspiron 14 2-in-1 (2022) 577
Note: Longer bars indicate better performance

System configurations

Lenovo Yoga 7i (14-inch, Gen 7) Microsoft Windows 11 Home; 1.7GHz Intel Core i7-1255U; 16GB DDR5 4,800MHz RAM; 128MB Intel Iris Xe Graphics; 512GB SSD
Acer Spin 5 SP514-51N Microsoft Windows 11 Home; 2.1GHz Intel Core i7-1260p; 16GB DDR5 6,400MHz RAM; 128MB Intel Iris Xe Graphics; 1TB SSD
HP Spectre x360 2-in-1 (2022) Microsoft Windows 11 Pro; 1.7GHz Intel Core i7-1255U; 16GB DDR4 4,266MHz RAM; 128MB Intel Iris Xe Graphics; 1TB SSD
Dell Inspiron 14 2-in-1 (2022) Microsoft Windows 11 Home; 1.7GHz Intel Core i7-1255U; 16GB DDR5 4,800MHz RAM; 128MB Intel Iris Xe Graphics; 512GB SSD
Lenovo Yoga 9i (14-inch, Gen 7) Microsoft Windows 11 Home; 2.1GHz Intel Core i7-1260p; 16GB DDR5 5,200MHz RAM; 128MB Intel Iris Xe Graphics; 512GB SSD