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Lenovo X201t: Tablets in disguise

There's more than meets the eye with the Lenovo X201t, a tablet that transforms into a robot. Sorry, not robot, laptop

The Lenovo X201t is more than meets the eye: it transforms from a tablet into a laptop, similar to the Eee PC T91 -- but with a lot more going on under the bonnet.

The 12.1-inch,1,280x800-pixel display rotates and folds down over the keyboard. You can then write with a stylus, tap the capacitive touchscreen or type on screen. It runs an Intel Core i7 processor, with up to 8GB of RAM. Memory options include a maximum of 320GB hard-drive space, or up to 128GB of solid-state storage. All well and good, but admit it: you're going to spend most of your time watching 80s cartoons on YouTube. We've gussied up the boring, blank-screened PR shot with a mock-up of what it'll look like when you watch Transformers on it.

The X201t sports three USB ports, with VGA video but no HDMI. It packs an eight-cell battery. One of the cleverest features is a fingerprint reader that will automatically boot the machine and log you in when you swipe a digit. It also offers a small trackpad.

The X201t is being shown off at CeBIT, where a US release date of March and price of $1,549 -- a couple of quid north of £1,000 -- has been confirmed. We'll bring you more when we have it. Right, back to YouTube.