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Leica ups M10 resolution with new color 40MP sensor

The M10 family welcomes a new high-resolution member.


Leica's a slow-moving giant for a camera company, though fans don't seem to mind. Its latest expansion to its M10 interchangeable rangefinder line finally breaks the 24-megapixel barrier for color with a new home-grown 40-megapixel sensor in the new M10-R. (The Monochrom turned 40-megapixel earlier this year).

The company claims the new sensor has a better dynamic range than the 24-megapixel version: Leica increased the light-sensitive area on the pixels by shrinking the space occupied by the electronics, resulting in less banding at higher ISO sensitivities as well. It ranges from ISO 100-50,000.

The M10-R also inherits some of the perks introduced in other models of the camera, such as the quiet mechanical shutter from the M10-P.

You'll be able to lay out $8,295 for it some time this month, the same as for the M10 Monochrom.

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