Kodak EasyShare Slice joins M530, M580, M575, and M550 at CES

Kodak has announced the superstoring EasyShare Slice alongside the M530, M580, M575 and M550

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Richard Trenholm
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Kodak has been quiet for so long, we were wondering if we should go round and check there wasn't post piling up and a funny smell. It was notably absent from our round-up of 2009's wacky class of crazy cameras, but here at CES 2010, Kodak is back in the game with a waterproof camcorder and a line-up of new EasyShare compacts. The M530, pictured above, joins the M580, M575, M550 and super-roomy Slice.

The M530 boasts 12 megapixels, 3x optical, 69mm (2.7-inch) LCD and comes in fetching red, green, blue, orange and carbon, whatever that is. It will cost a bargainous £120 from February 2010.

The M550 is a 12-megapixel snapper with 5x zoom, available in dark grey, blue and green. It drops in March 2010 for £140.


The M580, pictured above, is a 14-megapixel snapper with 8x optical zoom, 76mm (3-inch) LCD and an HDMI connection for all the high-definition video it shoots. The M580 will be available in silver, brown and purple and will cost £180.

The M575 also packs 14-megapixels, 76mm screen and HD video, but this time with a 5X zoom. It comes in red, green and black for £170. Both the M575 and M580 arrive in April.


We like the Kodak Slice right from the off, simply because it's got a proper name instead of a fiddly number. It's a touchscreen snapper with 5x zoom, 720p HD video and very deep pockets. It boasts 2GB of internal memory, and also takes microSD cards, unusually. Ignore Kodak's marketing hogwash that it'll hold 5,000 photos, because they're talking about HD resolution, which is way smaller than the Slice's 14-megapixel maximum resolution. Still, 2GB is a lot of storage, any way you slice it. The 16:9 touchscreen measures 89mm (3.5-inches). It comes in black, nickel and radish -- whatever that is -- and will set you back £300 in April 2010.