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Know your wine (opener)

The Metrokane Rabbit Electric Corkscrew features a countdown screen, alerting users exactly how many bottle of wine it can open per charge.

Thirty bottles of wine on the wall...
Sur La Table

Hosting a party is never easy, and anyone who has ever done so would agree that the details can certainly pile up. One minor detail that has the potential to blow up into a major catastrophe if left unchecked is a seemingly simple one. Food of course, is something to consider but perhaps even more important are the drinks. However, no matter what type of wine or how many bottles are procured, they aren't going to do anybody any good if there isn't an opener hanging around.

The Metrokane Rabbit Electric Corkscrew makes it easy to uncork a multitude of wines. Not only does the automatic corkscrew highlight easy operability, but it also keeps track of the bottles for you; the illuminated LCD screen features a countdown that makes it clear exactly how many uncorkings are left per charge. The 6-pound opener holds enough charge for 30 uncorkings per cycle. Plugging into a standard AC outlet, the handy opener ensures there is no rooting around for batteries in the middle of the party.

Capable of opening both plastic and traditional corks, the corkscrew gives users one less thing to worry about. Considering all the things that end up on the list when trying to plan a successful party, it's easy to overlook something as simple as an opener. However, it's probably a pretty good idea to keep one in mind. Box wine has come a long way, but still, it's best to play it safe.