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Knock off grease grime from grill grates

The Motorized Grill Cleaning Brush encourages even the most grill-wary to get out the grill.

It's not too late. Grilling season is still in effect. Perhaps you've been putting it off, too intimidated by last year's grit and grime. The residue left over from a season of hot dogs and hamburgers can certainly be off-putting, but it shouldn't stand in the way of a good time. There are only so many days left in grilling season; it's time you dusted off your favorite grilling utensils and joined in on the ritual searing of meat.

Ready to grill. Brookstone

The Motorized Grill Cleaning Brush just might give you the needed encouragement to fire up the grill.

When set in motion, two rotating brass bristle brushes spin in opposite directions, knocking off grease grime from your grill grates. An integrated stainless-steel scraper allows for manual control when it comes to cleaning the extra tough buildup. Using four C batteries, the brush helps you to clean the grill without scrubbing or the use of chemicals--and all at the push of a button.

Of course, letting the heat of the grill loosen up baked-on grime usually works well enough, but that buildup can be a daunting foe to overcome. Grills sit unused, caked in grime all across the country. I'm sure you know a few would-be grillers who always seem to wiggle out of hosting the grill party. Come to think of it, this might be the best use for this gadget: a not-so-subtle gift to your grill-phobic friends.