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Knife block with tablet stand is anything but dull

The Victorinox 18-Slot Knife Block adds a tablet stand to an otherwise unexciting piece of kitchen gear.

A swivel base and built-in shelf allows the Victorinox 18-Slot Knife Block to serve a dual purpose.
A swivel base and built-in shelf allow the Victorinox 18-Slot Knife Block to serve a dual purpose.
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Some kitchen gear doesn't do much but sit around. That doesn't necessarily mean a piece of gear is only collecting dust, but rather it is doing what it is designed to do: just sit there and perform a function passively. Take knife blocks, for example. They certainly don't do much but sit on the kitchen counter. They do a good job of keeping cutlery tucked away and safe, but as far as action, knife blocks may be the dullest kitchen gadget on, well, the block. But there's an easy way to up the excitement.

Knife blocks don't usually have much in the way of accessories, especially those that require electricity, but that's exactly what distinguishes the Victorinox 18-Slot Knife Block ($49.95). The addition of a simple ledge on the back of the block creates an infinite number of possibilities; now, the kitchen counter is transformed into whatever you want it to be. Just add a tablet.

Designed to hold a tablet or smartphone at a convenient angle, this combination knife block/tablet stand takes utility to a new level. It's always smart to maximize the usefulness of a kitchen area, and by incorporating a simple ledge, this once-dull kitchen helper becomes a dynamic, everyday-use kitchen gadget. Just don't forget which side is which when putting away the knives.