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Knife block has a sense of humor about relationships

The Ex knife lets you vent your failed relationship aggression in the kitchen

This knife block is part kitchen organization, part relationship therapy
Think Geek
I've never been the kind of person to seek revenge on people I've dated, but if you've recently been snubbed, there's a kitchen gadget that might ease the pain. Dubbed The Ex, this knife block lets you take out your frustration about love lost by letting you stab your kitchen knives into it.

Made out of abs plastic, the block was featured in Time Magazine as a gadget for cooks with a sense of humor. When you slip your knives into the voodoo doll body of the knife block, they stay put thanks to magnets. You get a full set of stainless steel knives with the set, and each one has a plastic sleeve that protects your fingers from nicks if you grab the knife block around its body. The knives are made from hollow stainless steel, and they also come with a 25-year warranty (in 25 years, most likely you will have had time to get over your bad breakup).

The Ex would be a fun addition to your kitchen as Halloween approaches and can serve the purpose of being your emotional punching bag long after the holiday season is over. You can find the Ex Voodoo Knife Set for about $70.